Hunkepunk vegan upcycling wallet made in Berlin

hunkepunk classic


Every Hunkepunk wallet is 100% vegan and handmade in Berlin.

10.5×12 cm wide
1.2cm thick
(4×4.7×0.5 inches)
2 credit card compartments that hold up to 5 cards each
1 compartment that is big enough for the german personalausweis. The latter can also be used for business cards or what ever else you might want to use it for.
The roomy change compartment has a accordion fold so it is easy to reach in.
Over all the wallet is your perfect everyday companion.

It fits in your back pocket or any other regular pocket.

Vegan upcycling wallet made in Berlin.

First we carefully pick images from magazines and comic books. Then we make a collage and glue it to a tough paper layer. The completed pattern is then laminated and each corner is folded in with the plastic foil to avoid frazzling. In the end the wallet is sewn and velcro is applied. The wallet has been proven to last for years and every finnished wallet still fills us with joy.
If you want a customized wallet out of something that you like, or that is dear to you feel free to contact us. The only condition ist that it hast to be original and used. The whole upcycling aspekt is very important to us.