Hunkepunk – vegan upcycling wallets made in Berlin

The question of what to do with old comic books, maps and magazines has a simple answer:
repurpose them.
The production of those took a lot of resources so why not reuse them instead of throwing them away.
And that is precisely what we do.
We take those lovely images and upcycle them into something unique and beautiful.
The ruins of a once beloved comic book now is your every day wallet.
The old map has never seen better days than now in your hands.

We take pride in giving new life to old prints.
That design magazine that you love, old maps from your school books, Spiderman comics. Superman, Batman or Ironman. All those beloved Marvel oder DC comic heroes can live a new life now.

Introducing the Party and Classic wallet:

The Hunkepunk Party is your perfect party companion. Small enough to fit in those tight jeans that you barely fit in yourself. But big enough to hold the most important stuff for the night.

The Hunkepunk Classic is the good old wallet. It is spacious and beautiful. It holds all your credit and debit cards, bills and change.

Our wallets come in 2 shapes but endless designs. Every wallet is unique. We repurpose everything that falls into our hands.

Our favorites though are Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Avengers, X-Men, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Spawn, Angela, Buffy, Lobo, Deaths Head and Daredevil.

If you have a favorite comic hero or something else printed on paper that you want as a wallet just let us know. We are happy to custom make whatever you wish for. Of course the price is the same for the ready designs or custom made.

Why? Because we love what we do and we want you to love it just the same.